Creamy Cauliflower Soup

What you need
• Cauliflower
• Coconut oil
• Homemade broth
• Raw cashews
• Onion, chopped
• Garlic, chopped
• Himalayan salt, to taste
• Freshly ground pepper
• Seasonings of choice (I sprinkled a little but of cumin, coriander, and cinnamon in mine)

What you do
Sautée cauliflower in coconut oil on medium heat in a pot. After about 2 minutes, throw in the garlic and onion. Sautée for another minute. Add broth and bring to a rolling boil. Transfer ingredients to your blender and add your seasonings, cashews, and more coconut oil. Blend until you get your desired consistency. Serve hot. (I garnish with a sprinkling of paprika and a sprig of parsley.)

How do you make cauliflower soup? Which seasonings did you use?


Beans, Beans, Good For Your Heart! The More You Eat, The More You…

I love eating meat, so much so that my body is telling me to slow the hell down! My vegan friends shared with me some ways they get the protein they need without eating meat and I made a commitment to try all of their suggestions! I never make anything without sharing how I did it with you, and today is no different. This morning I made a very tasty semi-vegetarian breakfast I’m proud of. I still don’t know what to name it so, for now, we’ll just call it “Beans With An Attitude”.

The first thing I did was make turkey broth out of the turkey scraps left over from Thanksgiving. No, I didn’t do this today, I made broth right after dinner on Thanksgiving Thursday and have it stored in my fridge.

This is how I made the broth: I placed the turkey scraps (carcass included), chopped onion, smashed garlic, all of the vegetable and herb scraps left over from preparing dinner (celery, carrot, butternut squash, rosemary, thyme, sage), olive oil, himalayan salt, black pepper, apple cider vinegar, and water in my crock pot and set the heat to low. I slow-cooked the broth overnight and strained it into a large mason jar the next day. After the broth cooled completely, I stored the broth in my fridge.

Last night before bed, I rinsed a cup of uncooked (no cans in my home) garbanzo beans and put them in my crock pot. I added 3 cups of my homemade broth, set the heat to low, and slow-cooked overnight. This morning my beans were cooked to perfection! I took about a 1/2 cup of the beans out and rinsed them, the other half I let cool before storing them in a container in my fridge. With the beans I took out to eat, I added sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, thinly sliced red onion, himalayan salt, and freshly ground black pepper. My, my, these beans are delicious!

(If you can’t eat bone broth, use your saved vegetable scraps and make a vegetable broth. I wasn’t attempting to make a vegetarian dish, just a meal where I did not have to chew and digest actual pieces of flesh.)

On a side note: I had such a yummy time eating this this morning that I forgot to take a picture for you. I promise to add a picture the next time I make this delectable little dish.

How do you substitute meat in your diet? How do you prepare garbanzo beans?

Sweet Fennel Salad Dressing

What you need
• Fennel, finely chopped
• Anise, ground
• Mint, finely chopped
• White wine vinegar
• Olive oil
• Fresh lemon juice
• Honey
• Himalayan salt

What you do
Whisk together all ingredients and pour into a decanter. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.

This is the salad I made with this dressing:
• Romaine lettuce, chopped
• Red cabbage, finely chopped
• Yellow tomato, diced
• Red onion, thinly sliced
• Raw cashews, crushed
• Carrots, julienned
• Persimmons, diced

Share your favorite dressing recipe!

Pumpkin Pecan Granola: A Fall Favorite

What you need
• Puréed pumpkin
• Raw oats
• Grade B maple syrup
• Grapeseed oil
• Raw pecans
• Raw pepitas (shelled)
• Himalayan or sea salt

What you do
Preheat oven at 350 degrees F. Combine all ingredients and mix well. *Use as much or as little of each ingredient depending on your preferences.* Spread oat mixture onto a cookie sheet. Bake for 10 minutes. Mix well then bake another 5 minutes. If you like granola a bit “toastier”, keep baking while checking/mixing periodically. Once done, transfer granola into glass jar and allow to cool before sealing shut and storing.

Note: If you want to give this granola more “holiday flare”, add cinnamon, cloves, ground ginger, and nutmeg before baking!

How do you make granola?

Creamy Pumpkin Soup: A Fall Favorite


  • 1 medium-sized pumpkin
  • shallots, roughly chopped
  • garlic, crushed
  • homemade chicken broth
  • himalayan salt
  • nutmeg
  • thyme
  • fresh parsley, roughly chopped
  • chives, finely chopped
  • fresh black pepper
  • turmeric
  • olive oil
  • cornstarch (to thicken)
  • creme fraiche (optional)


Turn oven on to 350 degrees F. Cut the pumpkin horizontally down the middle, remove seeds, and scrape out the stringy stuff. Save the seeds to roast later. Place both pieces of the cut side of the pumpkin on a pan and bake for about 45 minutes. Remove pumpkin from oven, allow to cool, cut skin off, and cut flesh into chunks. Heat enough oil to saute in a large pot. When oil is hot enough, add shallots and garlic and saute until translucent. Add chicken broth and stir. Next add salt, nutmeg, thyme, parsley, pepper, pumpkin, and turmeric and stir well. Bring to a rolling boil, cover pot, and reduce heat to low. Allow to simmer for 10-20 minutes. Turn off heat and transfer contents to a blender. Blend until soup is smooth in consistency. If you’d like a thicker soup (which I do), return soup to pot, turn on the heat, wait for a rolling boil then add cornstarch and mix well. Once you get the consistency you desire, your soup is ready to serve. If you can handle dairy, put a dollop of creme fraiche on top of each serving. Garnish with chives.

How do you make pumpkin soup?

Quick Tips To You From Me!

I’ve been on a hiatus, and for that I’m sorry. I thought I’d quickly share some tips with you so that you know I haven’t forgotten about you!

Tip 1
Got ants? Squeeze fresh lemon juice along your baseboards and any other areas ants may sneak through, then sprinkle with cayenne pepper. Let sit for as long as you can stand (without making you crazy) then wipe clean with a towel, hot water, and liquid Castile soap.

Tip 2
Pour 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar to 1 part distilled water in a bottle and shake well. Use this as a toner for your face or freshly shaven areas. You can also use this on your scalp and hair in place of shampoo and conditioner!

Tip 3
Lubricate your bike chains with olive oil. You already have some in your kitchen, use it up!

I’m on my way to Transcendence Festival to teach a DIY workshop and a hoopdance workshop and will be back next week. I promise to share more with you then!

Do you have some tips for me? I’d love to read them!

Spinach & Bacon Salad

What you need
• Fresh Spinach
• Bacon
• Tomatoes
• Red Onions
• Homemade Ranch Dressing (recipe posted on my blog)

What you do
Rinse and drain your spinach and chop the stems off. Use the stems in smoothies and juices! Cut the tops off of your tomatoes. Do not discard the tops! Use them in recipes. Put the cut side down on the cutting board surface. Cut vertically and horizontally. Turn the tomato and keep cutting in a cross pattern until you have 8 pie-like slices. Thinly slice your red onion so that the onion slices look almost like shavings. Cook bacon on medium-low heat turning frequently until every part of each piece of bacon is cooked through but not overcooked or burnt. Combine spinach, tomatoes, and onions in a salad bowl. Once your bacon is cooled down enough to safely touch, crumble it on top of the salad then lightly toss. Add a small amount of dressing – don’t drench your salad – and toss again. Serve immediately after the second toss.