Sweet Fennel Salad Dressing

What you need
• Fennel, finely chopped
• Anise, ground
• Mint, finely chopped
• White wine vinegar
• Olive oil
• Fresh lemon juice
• Honey
• Himalayan salt

What you do
Whisk together all ingredients and pour into a decanter. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.

This is the salad I made with this dressing:
• Romaine lettuce, chopped
• Red cabbage, finely chopped
• Yellow tomato, diced
• Red onion, thinly sliced
• Raw cashews, crushed
• Carrots, julienned
• Persimmons, diced

Share your favorite dressing recipe!

Oil Pulling

Swishing your mouth out with oil for 20 minutes every day helps to detoxify your mouth of toxins and heavy metals. A lot of people have experienced weight loss, clearer skin, and better health due to oil pulling. Most people claim that their mouths feel cleaner after practicing the oil pulling method. I decided to give this a try.

What you need
Coconut or sesame oil

What you do
Put a tbsp of oil in your mouth and swish it around for 20 minutes. Spit the oil into your toilet, not your shower or sinks. I floss then brush my teeth, gums, tongue, and roof with sea salt afterwards, and follow with pouring a drop or two of essential oils in my mouth

Have you tried oil pulling? What natural methods do you practice for oral health?